LED Bulb & Thermal Infrared Bulb


[INQ. NO. 2111E12] JAE KYUNG ELI Co., Ltd. is a company founded in 1990 that has been making LED bulbs and thermal infrared bulbs that offer the world’s best quality and competitive prices.
Since its founding, the company has developed into the only maker and the global supplier of infrared bulbs in Korea.
Under the mission of ‘lighting up the 21st century with excellent service and products,’ the company is focusing its capabilities on growing from a supplier of the world’s top quality and performance products, to a solution provider that pursues the safety and convenience of users.
JAE KYUNG ELI is selling its ‘One Piece Blow LED PAR38’ and ‘Thermal Infrared Bulb’ all over the world under its brand names of LLeDus and Heat Plus.
The company is a future-oriented, innovative company that invests 5% of its annual revenue in the development of new products and technologies for improvement of quality and productivity.
As a result, the company was able to develop and distribute the ‘PAR38 LED reflective glass bulb for the first time in the world.

LED Bulb & Thermal Infrared Bulb

JAE KYUNG ELI’s products are made of special hard glass that is strongly resistant against thermal shock, and so they pose no risk of fire, are safe to use, and offer excellent quality.
The company’s products are designed to be safe and to last longer than their competitors’ products. They are optimized for various purposes and locations, including hog-raising, poultry farming, medical application, food warming, and bathroom warming.

LED Bulb & Thermal Infrared Bulb

JAE KYUNG ELI will answer customer queries and feedback within 24 hours so that it can reduce the defect rate to zero and make its best efforts to satisfy customers beyond their expectations.
JAE KYUNG ELI also manufactures high-quality lamp protectors, standing lights, etc.
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