Vibration Sensor Modules & Communication Modules

So!Gnee Smart Sensor
[INQ. NO. 2112E01] Myungsung A&T Co., Ltd. implements industrial automation systems, sells parts for such systems, and manufactures vibration sensors and communication modules.
So!Gnee Smart Sensor can be directly connected to a PLC, which is frequently used in industrial fields for measurement. Since it is a vibration sensor module that can be used without any separate DAQ or analysis software, even persons who are not vibration analysis experts can monitor fluctuations of vibration levels and trends, determine the operating conditions of facilities, and carry out preventive maintenance.
The temperatures of motors or facilities can be measured on a real-time basis through the bottom part of the vibration module, and thereby manage the condition of the facility more efficiently. Also, the vibration sensor can detect minute vibrations that cannot be detected by human hands, such as those from the rollers or the coating equipment.

So!Gnee Smart Sensor

Multi-Channel Communication Module
This is a communication module that can transmit vibration and temperature data from up to eight vibrations (including temperature) sensors to a PLC, SCADA, and system program located above the module through WI-FI and ethernet communication.
It has 16 analogue input ports, eight of which can read the current of 4-10mA range, and eight of which can read the voltage in the range of 0-5V.
It supports Fenet communication offered by LS Electric, the communication method most often used in Korea, as well as Modbus-TCP/IP communication and Modbus-RTU communication, the industrial protocols generally used worldwide.
This product allows the users to configure ID, password, IP, MAC, telephone exchange number, etc. of the module using a terminal program.

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