Ergonomic Smart Desk

[INQ. NO. 2112E15] Yoon Ergonomics is a functional furniture manufacturer that has a brand, Three-D Desk, dedicated to smart workstations and human ergonomic desks.
DS-1200 and DS-1400, the company’s Three-D Desk ergonomic smart desk models, are designed to serve the needs of students and adults, and they are the only desks in the world that prevent ‘tech neck’ and ‘tech back’ problems.
DS-1200 and DS-1400 allow books and notes to be placed within the sight of the user while the user maintains an upright posture and maintains natural sight without lowering the head. The user can precisely and easily adjust the height of the desk and the angle of the writing board to the degree he/she wants by simply pushing the buttons that operate the electric actuator.
Other features of the ergonomic smart desk models are: a flexible five-stage stand that comes in four different colors; fixed bookshelf; memo board to which magnets can be attached; bookholders that can easily hold many books; three-fold note support that can be folded when writing so that the wrist can freely move; soft logo mood light that can be turned on and off and dimmed; wireless charger, multi-tap; USB charging port; memory setting adjustable for size ; and so forth.

Ergonomic Smart Desk

Participating in CES 2022
Yoon Ergonomics intends to unveil its two advanced smart workstations at the upcoming CES 2022, to be held in Las Vegas, USA, on January 5-8, 2022.
The representative director of Yoon Ergonomics shared the corporate aspiration by saying, “We will introduce the optimized smart working environment system available only by Three-D Desk to the IT companies in the Silicone Valley and other companies in North America and Europe for the contact-free and remote working environment in the post-COVID period. This will help such companies to provide benefits that can effectively satisfy their employees, thus offering an advantage when hiring talented workers.”

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