Inspection & Automation & Robot Equipment

OLED Flat Lighting Inspection System
[INQ. NO. 2112M24] This flat lighting OLED inspection system is a testing system efficiently designed to simultaneously conduct a lighting test, a leakage current test, and an appearance test for the completed flat lighting OLED module.

Solar Cell Robot Cleaner
Solar cell robot cleaner that can clean the photovoltaic cell panel using wireless motion control, and check the panel status using a thermal camera.

Inspection & Automation & Robot Equipment

Auto Screw Machine
This auto screw machine automatically tightens the screws on the conveyor during a process. After the auto screw machine is connected to the actuator and the head is installed thereto, the auto screw machine aligns with and marks the position of the target object using its vision, and then tightens the screw automatically.
Under the flag of “technology first,” SL Tech Co., Ltd. has been continuously investing in new technologies and R&D, and strengthened the company’s technological competitiveness. Owing to the positive feedback from its clients, the company was able to accumulate experience and technological know-how in various areas, including display, vision, automation equipment and software development.
SL Tech, founded in 2007, established its own R&D center in 2009, and was registered as the prime vendor to LG Electronics in 2010.
SL Tech started to supply the automation equipment to the plant of LG Electronics in Vietnam in 2018. Based on such achievements, the company was designated as one of the global leading companies in 2020.

Inspection & Automation & Robot Equipment

The representative director of SL Tech emphasized that “all employees of SL Tech will not stay satisfied with the current status – we will maintain modest attitudes and endlessly develop ourselves to become experts, so that we will be creative, challenging, and continue to evolve in this age of limitless competition. Leveraging the rich know-how the company accumulated in the field, we will develop our technology and quality to match the best in the world, and continue to manufacture the products demanded by the customers and satisfy their needs.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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