Smart Interactive Pod & Lifestyle Device

[INQ. NO. 2201E07] 3i Inc. is a global software and hardware innovation powerhouse whose mission is to transform the way the physical world interacts with the digital world. 3i aims to recognize the diverse needs to create and communicate, and ensure that they are not limited by the capabilities of the technology available.
Pivo’s interactive smart pod and software suite is an all-inclusive solution to digitalize ideas and connect communities around the world. With just a tiny pod and smartphone, it’s easy to make videos, live stream, make video calls, give presentations, and create virtual tours.
With Pivo’s 360-degree rotation, AI-powered face and body tracking, and smart capture modes, users can stop worrying about having someone to film them, and rather focus on giving it their all. An interactive pod has grown into a solution for over 100 different use cases all over the world. Influencers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs and many more can now make pro-like content, videos, and presentations on their own with just a genius little pod and their iPhones.

Smart Interactive Pod & Lifestyle Device

Turn your smartphone into your personal cameraman with Pivo’s auto tracking feature. Wherever you go, Pivo pod follows to capture every expression and move, so you’ll never walk off screen and ruin another almost-perfect take again. Use your Pivo to track any object and movement with face, body, and action tracking. Powered by Pivo’s smart AI technology is possible.
You can also bring auto tracking to your zoom calls and live streams within the free-to-use applications for every Pod user. It is compatible with Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or TikTok. The 30+ channels allow you to broadcast live to all at once. Now you can move and groove for your friends and fans.
Pivo’s smart capture feature enables you to take selfies and videos with the snap of a finger, striking a pose, or by simply saying “cheese.” Now you can be picture perfect on the move. Every Pivo pod comes with a remote control, so you can enjoy precise control.
Also, Pivo has 12 special effects such as gif, clone trail, 360 motion time-lapses, tiny planets or panoramas – with no editing skills needed. Improve your social media feeds with creations that will blow people’s minds.

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