Medical A.I. Software

[INQ. NO. 2201E11] Heuron Co., Ltd. is a medical A.I. software company founded by a neurologist in 2017, with its headquarters in Incheon, Republic of Korea, focusing on Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, strokes, and brain tumors. Heuron works to provide quicker and safer diagnoses based on medical imaging in order to maximize healthcare.
Heuron’s mission is to turn complex diagnostic processes into safer, faster and more affordable methods by developing innovative A.I. technology that assists medical professionals in diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases.

MRI-based Diagnostic Software
Heuron-Parkinson (mPDia™) is the world’s first MRI-based diagnostic software. It utilizes the deep-learning model by requiring only MR images to analyze the Nigorosme 1, a dopaminergic neuron-rich region in the substantial nigra, which is the most severely affected region in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease.
A clinical study was completed at 10 different university hospitals in South Korea and the results of the study were highly satisfactory for the neuro-academic community. The solution was designated as an innovative medical device in July 2020 and recognized as a New Excellent Technology (NET) by the MFDS Korea in February 2021. This is also CE-approved technology.

Medical A.I. Software

A.I. Device
Heuron-Alzheimer (Veuron-Brain-pAb) is the second A.I. device developed by Heuron R&D. Its main feature is the automatic quantification of the ‘beta-amyloid protein’ for Alzheimer’s disease. This diagnosis solution is ready to use in the clinical field to quantify and analyze Beta amyloid based on PET and MR images. Veuron-Brain-pAb is also approved by CE and it has been certified by FDA 501(k) in January 2021.
Currently, Heuron is partnering with more than 10 major universities in Korea and KMDS (Korean Movement Disorder Society).

Medical A.I. Software

Heuron has developed and launched A.I. software that enables early diagnosis of degenerative diseases of the brain which have not been standardized in current image reading for medical imaging (CT, MRI) of central nervous system disorders. Also, Heuron has commercialized an automated brain disease imaging biomarker based on AI technology.

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