Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

[INQ. NO. 2202E06] AON Co., Ltd., as a first mover leading the additive manufacturing (AD) technology of ceramic materials, has introduced a new paradigm in the dental equipment market through its ceramic 3D printer and bio-ceramic liquid material.
The bio-ceramic 3D printer INNI-II with DCAM technology, DLP-based Ceramic Additive Manufacturing technology, developed by AON, provides a solution through which bio-ceramic products such as artificial teeth with complex shapes can be easily, swiftly, and precisely manufactured at a low cost. The INNI-II can stack up a sculpture that features a size of 76.8x510x75mm, a thickness of 25~100μm, and a lateral resolution of 40μm.

Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

AON’s 3D printer was designed through application of the development of an exclusive software and beam projector, so that it can be used in various areas with diverse ceramic materials. Moreover, it has superior price —competitiveness over 3D printers of other enterprises both in Korea and abroad.
The bio-ceramic material INNI-CERA, a biocompatible zirconia(ZrO2) material, can mass-produce stacked high-quality artificial teeth through the exclusive 3D printer INNI-II. Such artificial teeth have up to 999MPa of high bending strength value, and they have also verified reliability through tests on biocompatibility, stability.

Bio-Ceramic 3D Printer (INNI-II)

INNI-CERA is the world’s first ceramic material for laminated manufacturing that acquired approvals from Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, CE in Europe, and FDA in the United States. INNI-CERA supplies a complete solution of ZrO2 3D printing prosthetics. INNI-CERA, with its high bending strength value and biocompatibility, can be applied not only to artificial teeth, but also to the implant area.
Moreover, it can be used with various ceramic materials, and can thus be applied in multiple areas including general industry, semiconductors, and medical. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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