Facial Total Care Devices


[INQ. NO. 2202E15] SeoulinMedicare Co., Ltd. has launched a varied product lineup including skincare devices, obesity management, and healthcare devices in the domestic medical/aesthetic market. It is leading the medical aesthetic field by exporting plasma medical devices to 50 countries in Europe, and South America, plus Japan, and is recognized globally for its other product lines such as ProFacial, a facial total skincare device, and MultiShape, a bodyshaping device, etc.
At KIMES 2022, the company will showcase its new products including its facial total care device ProCare POTO, muscular strengthening and bioelectricity recovery device ProBody, all-in-one multi-skilled body reshaping managing device ProCare XP, and hair transplant and skin seeding technology perforating device SST Pro.
In addition, Seoulinmedicare will also showcase its upgraded Intima RF. This product is a non-invasive radio-frequency device using RF energy to transmit thermal energy deep inside the skin. It is able to perform simple and fast procedures featuring radio frequency, pain-free, bloodless, short downtime, no side effects, and 360° RF radiation of a hand piece.

Facial Total Care Devices

Non-invasive RF Device, Intima RF
SeoulinMedicare will also participate in Dubai Derma to be held on February 27, and the IMCAS World Congress to be held on June 3 to showcase its excellent medical and plasma technologies in the global market.
SeoulinMedicare is a subsidiary of Seoulin Bioscience, a KOSDAQ (Korean stock market)-listed company and a total-solution provider for bio-research and production.
Kim Byoung-choul, CEO of SeoulinMedicare, holds many patents, especially focusing on developing plasma technologies. The company has 41 intellectual property rights, showing that the company is development-oriented and innovative.

Facial Total Care Devices

He developed medical devices using plasma to be awarded the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) certification, and the CE MDD certification, and also he received the presidential award, the health and welfare minister’s award, and the engineer award for his efforts to pioneer overseas markets.
In recognition of his unrivaled technology achievements, he was selected as the first “Korean Master” in the field of medical devices in 2021.

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