Wireless Monitoring Solutions


[INQ. NO. 2203E01] CMS thermometer XMT100L is a product that can check and save the temperature during distribution of biological products in accordance with the ‘Rules for Manufacturing and Sales Management of Biological Products, etc.’
XMT100L enables drug distributors to monitor with their smartphones the temperature of storage devices when transporting and storing biological products. The stored temperature record can be delivered via e-mail.
XMT100L is designed to meet the standards for storage and transportation of biological products, and it is a product that can measure the temperature with precision of ±0.2 degrees, and wirelessly measure the temperature conveniently outside the cold box. It is a product that can additionally use the wireless temperature-control system known as the Chois Monitoring System (CMS).

Wireless Monitoring Solutions

The precision wireless temperature-control system ‘CMS’ is composed of a wireless sensor, monitor, and wireless gateway, so it is easy to install and use. It is attracting attention because it can be conveniently used in various cold chain industries that require management and monitoring of facilities and material storage environments — such as laboratories and hospitals for reagent and sample management, as well as domestic vaccine consignment medical institutions.
The disposable wireless body thermometer, thermosafer XST400, and the wireless infrared thermometer, XST500, will be released in the second half of the year. It is a wireless body thermometer that works with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and when a highly contagious disease such as Covid19 is prevalent, the temperature measured on a suspected patient can be managed with a smartphone or transmitted wirelessly to medical staff. The XST500 is equipped with an IR sensor to quickly measure a patient’s body temperature within five seconds, and it can be attached to a patient for long-term remote body temperature monitoring.

Wireless Monitoring Solutions

Since its establishment in 2001, ChoisTechnology has been continuously developing and releasing patient monitoring solutions and IoMT devices, after it launched the first medical device certified wireless thermometer called Thermosafer in 2016 in Korea. Choi Soon-pil, CEO of ChoisTechnology, explains, “We aim to contribute to the medical industry by advancing drug logistics through the CMS thermometer, a product customized for drug distributors.”
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