Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

[INQ. NO. 2203E05] logsynk is a global leading company in the area of metabolic mechanism analytics S/W. logsynk proceeds with preventive healthcare data & solution business based upon its cross-cutting technologies.
logsynk carries out algorithm analysis of personal life log information (In-App, IoT device) and medical information data (external production, API) in order to diagnose the metabolic balance, and thus it supplies its customized one-stop solutions (improvement necessity indicators, causes, improvement plans, and goal management) for personal health management, and disease-prevention risk management.

Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

logsynk is capable of supplying customized healthcare solutions for overall and time-sequential changes in personal health management and disease prevention – through developing structural equation modeling technology applied with creative data feature engineering methodology.
logsynk researches tens of thousands of functional (nutritional) medical clinical research results proven both domestically and abroad – for databases, and then it carries out the standardization and quantification of data for analysis by system. logsynk supplies customized solutions based upon personalized preventive healthcare parameters through causality analysis.
Currently, logsynk has four domestic patents registered in the areas of precision nutrition care and precision beauty care, and is also registering two PCT patents. logsynk is making patent applications for two patents in the United States and China, respectively.

Data Algorithmic (Metabolic) Healthcare Solution

The 1st-stage profit model of logsynk is based on the beauty and wellness areas that it pursues through personalized healthcare solutions, through customized nutrition management, health functional foods, and services, which are being sold in combination.
The 2nd-stage profit model is supplying healthcare & beautycare data algorithm S/W to business partnerships engaged in areas of big tech, fintech, insuretech, and health equipment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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