Professional DVT Prevention System

[INQ. NO. 2204E02] DVT-4000S is designed to continuously manage and monitor the status and progress of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis in high-risk patients — especially those requiring long-term preventive treatment at home after leaving hospital, as well as for those requiring pre-operative care.

Pneumatic Tourniquet System
DTS-3000 is a smart pneumatic hemostatic system with advanced features such as an automatic Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP) sensor, data storage, max pressure 700mmHg, 7-inch LCD screen, safety alarm system and built-in battery.

Professional DVT Prevention System
Professional DVT Prevention System

Semi-professional Compression System
LF900 is a semi-professional compression system with a compact design and effective therapy programs including four compression modes. The device provides automatic operation with an easy START / STOP button — or you can select more customized programs like time, pressure, speed, chamber to be inflated, and mode.
Since 1986, DS MAREF has been a company specializing in pneumatic medical equipment having various products lineups such as DVT prevention system, pneumatic tourniquet system, cryo compression system, air compression system for lymphatic drainage, and hand rehabilitation exercise device. Its products are exported to about 80 countries.
In addition, DS MAREF focuses on the management of products and operating systems that meet not only technical skills but also standardized medical device standards around the world, and are certified by ISO9001, EN13485, KGMP, CE, FDA, CFDA, ANVIZA, and TGA.
DS MAREF is growing into a brand that people around the world can use with confidence by strengthening its technology, based on strict medical device quality standards and global certifications.

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