Pneumatic Compression Medical Equipment


[INQ. NO. 2205E03] Daesung Maref Co., Ltd., which has spent years focusing on pneumatic compression (pressure on air) medical equipment, has been walking down this path of innovation for the past 36 years. Back in 1986, when the company was founded, Korea’s pneumatic compression medical technology was in its infancy.
However, thanks to continued R&D by professional researchers centering around the company’s research institute, as well as certification acquisition and quality control targeting the global market, Daesung Maref has now successfully positioned itself as Korea’s representative medical equipment that competes with international companies in the global pneumatic compression medical equipment market. Taking part in KIMES 2022, the company plans to showcase its range of products.

Phlebothrombosis Prevention System ‘DVT-3000, DVT-4000S
The Phlebothrombosis Prevention System, South Korea’s first such device developed by Daesung Maref which is being supplied to leading hospitals across the country, is a medical device aimed at preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that occurs due to external injury or surgery, and which can even lead to death when it blocks micro vessels of the lungs, resulting in pulmonary embolism.
Similar to the West, Korea is witnessing a significant rise in the incidence of DVT, which is highlighting the demand for the phlebothrombosis prevention system. There have been limitations with the conventional methods of preventing phlebothrombosis, which were reliant on medicine and medical supplies that dissolve the phlebothrombosis, and compression stockings.
On the other hand, ‘DVT-3000 and DVT-4000S,’ developed by Daesung Maref, are devices that high-risk patients or those who could not use the conventional phlebothrombosis solvent can also use either separately or jointly with the conventional methods. And thus, it can contribute to significantly reducing the risks of death.

Heat/Cold Pneumatic Compression Pain Management System ‘CTC-7’
Heat/cold pneumatic compression pain treatment equipment ‘CTC-7’ is highly praised within the international market. Conventional heat/cold pain treatment devices were not only bulky but they were not user-friendly as they only allow cold treatment or have to be used by separately putting in ice water.
However, CTC-7 is a functional portable device that has not only supplemented the drawbacks of conventional devices but also provides all three functions — heat, cold, and pneumatic compression treatment.
Without having to use ice, the device enables cold treatment, heat treatment, and hot & cold treatment — as it combines each of the aforementioned treatment methods with pneumatic compression to help fast recovery of acute and chronic pain including alleviation of inflammation and edema for injured patients, or those who are undergoing rehabilitation.

Pneumatic Tourniquet DTS-3000
Pneumatic tourniquet DTS-3000 is a smart pneumatic tourniquet system that enables simultaneous hemostasis in up to four spots during surgery. As for conventional tourniquets, the folded inner design of cuffs (pinch phenomenon) had a higher chance of damaging the skin or allowing leakage of blood flow. However, Daesung Maref has presented a solution to such drawbacks by minimizing the folded area of the cuff through its ‘no pinch cuff’ design.
Its pinch-preventing cuff design has been certified to reduce pain in patients due to the low inflation pressure through clinical tests conducted at leading general hospitals.

Lymphedema Treatment System DL1200H
Using the same manual lymphedema drainage (MLD) therapy method of physical therapists, IPC ‘DL1200H’ for hospitals, enables Pre-Therapy of delicate lymphatic gland areas and concentrated care while exerting 10~20mmHg pressure on the entire arms and legs.
DL1200H is an intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) that helps improve blood circulation and swelling in patients suffering from lymphedema, which results from surgical blockage of lymph passages during cancer surgery, after the effects of radiotherapy or external injury. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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