Light Field 3D Signage

[INQ. NO. 2205E11] This product is glasses-free 3D light field 3D signage that draws attention and interest of customers without pausing. Many people can view vivid 3D image contents in hologram style from various angles.
It provides a three-dimensional feeling without dead areas thanks to the 160-degree angle of view and 1m-5m wide viewable range and the converting function of landscape/portrait mode according to its use and space, and it can be used even in a high illuminance shop without restriction.
Also, there is no restriction on contents. Users can make and replay simple 3D advertisement contents using its complimentary app – “Mopic 3D Self-Creator’.

It is receiving extraordinary attention in the so-called “untact” era, when demand for signage and kiosks is increasing since Mopic 3D Signage can be inserted as a module into an enclosure like a kiosk created by a customer company and a totally different product can be made at small additional cost.
Mopic Co., Ltd., the developer of this product, is a spinoff of Samsung Electronics established to materialize the vision – “Enhance the value of vicarious experience through a display by narrowing differences between a screen and reality.”
Besides light fi eld 3D signage, Mopic provides following product line of glasses-free 3D items; Snap 3D whose case is attachable to common smartphone. 3D screen HoloGlass attachable to Galaxy Tab and I-pad, and 3D monitor for professional users, which is able to check normal 3D contents (SBS format) in a three-dimensional image. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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