Digital Car Key

[INQ. NO. 2206E07] There are growing demands on how to conveniently enjoy a smart car life through the ubiquitous use of smartphones in daily life.
Carbershop’s “The Cup” is therefore the very product that consumers have been waiting for. It is a digital car key that guides a smart car life, providing digital key functions of opening and closing car doors through users’ smartphones without having to possess an actual car key.
Anyone is able to easily install and use this product without losing or damaging the car key – unlike similar products.

As the digital key option has so far only been available for some of the latest-model cars, there have been no ways for owners of older cars to use such a convenient function. Thanks to The Cup, however, anyone with a car with a smart key function applied is now able to use ‘digital key’ functions, regardless of when the car was produced.
Other than such functions of opening and closing car doors via a smartphone, The Cup also has an ‘Auto Door’ function that automatically opens car doors when you get close to your car, and closes them when you are away from the car. What’s more, thanks to the ‘Car Key Sharing’ function of the product, you can easily share your car key with your family members and acquaintances, with no restrictions on the number of persons.
Carbershop recently launched 100% ‘untact’ services based on The Cup (IoT H/W) including car washing, repairing, consignments, etc., beyond simply selling IoT H/W products.
Carbershop aims to take the lead in establishing a platform for car owners to enjoy smarter and more convenient car lives through various ‘convenium’ (convenient + premium) services.
Carbershop’s products and capabilities are drawing keen att ention, and are expected to resolve problems arising from possessing a car by managing a car conveniently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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