Smart Door Lock

[INQ. NO. 2206E05] BABA smart door lock is made with basic fingerprint, key card, password, and emergency key opening functions. Additionally, mobile app control (WiFi, Bluetooth), remote control, and intercom videophone connection is possible.
The product has special antibiotic coating with permanent effi ciency against viruses or harmful bacteria. BABA lock is recognized as a Brand K product by the Korean government, which makes it the first and only representative brand recommended by Korea among all Korean smart door locks.

BABA smart locks have one-time password, random-password, fire alarm, intrusion alarm, low-battery alarm, double lock, master code and card, voice announcement (English, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese), sound control, silent mode, and other functions, which make it more eff ective, secure and convenient.
BABA smart locks have gained a number of awards including Russia International Science and Technology Council Prize, Polish Inventors Association Prize, Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition Gold Medal, etc., att racting great interest of the industry wherever these prototypes are accepted.

Pushpull System products are selected by the Korean government as Brand K products, which makes the company the only Korean smart lock manufacturer to represent Korea in global markets.
This recognition assures and promotes company to become the leading smart lock brand of the Korean smart lock industry.
Pushpull System Co., Ltd. is a Korean smart door lock manufacturer that directly produces several smart lock innovations under the best Korean quality standards.
Pushpull System was established in 2013 and its products are manufactured under BABA Lock brand name. Pushpull System has branches in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Australia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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