Compact Kiosk

[INQ. NO. 2207E09] The Android-based, slim and small sized KIOSK Series provides solutions differentiated from its existing large-sized counterparts.

HS101, which comes with a 10.1-inch screen and Android 7 (or 9), is not only able to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless communications, but is also able to provide PoE+ function, enabling it to supply wired LAN and power simultaneously even without a separate power source.

Being equipped with a high-performance 2D barcode scanner, HS101 can read barcodes quickly and accurately. Thanks to a built-in camera with 5MP and Auto Focus functions, it can be widely used for many different purposes. In addition, a number of peripheral devices can be connected as it comes with various I/O ports such as HDMI, 2 USB, 2 COM, and LAN.

HS050 is an Android 11-based super-small-sized KIOSK with a size of 5 inches. Being equipped with a high performance 2D barcode scanner, it is also able to read barcodes quickly and accurately. And the scanner can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on the use mode of the product. It supports PoE+, WiFi and Bluetooth and can be attached to the wall by using the wall-mount bracket that is separately provided.

Since compact KIOSK can be installed in small places, it can be used as a KIOSK in libraries, airports, theaters, restaurants, etc.

Also, in such places as drugstores, supermarkets, and retail stores, compact KIOSK can be used as an AD displayer or a price checker. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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