Mobile PTT Service Platform

[INQ. NO. 2207E05] JCORE CO., LTD. has developed its original VoIP technologies such as SIP stack, Audio Manager, and GUI engine and has supplied more than two million WiFi VoIP phones to Korean VoIP service providers.

JCORE not only does not have to pay for software licenses, using its own source technology, but also applies its own technology to System On Chip to increase price competitiveness.

Based on JCORE’s hardware and software core technologies, mobile PTT (Push-To-Talk) terminals are developed and supplied as OEMs to Japanese companies.

JCORE’s vision is to provide Mobile PTT service beyond the supply of mobile PTT terminals.

Existing radios are killer applications widely used in public safety, fire, and large-scale workplaces from 1942 to the present, while existing radios using frequency sharing communication have disadvantages such as eavesdropping, low sound quality, one-way traffic, and service distance restrictions.

JCORE solved the problems of existing radios by developing a mobile PTT service platform consisting of mobile PTT terminals and PTT server using mobile communication technology.


The mobile PTT service platform that makes immediate calls without pressing the dial butt on under mobile networks provides for multipoint PTT business service with two-way HD voice quality without distance constraints.

The JCORE’s mobile PTT service platform consists of Mobile PTT device(JCP-3300) and PTT server.

JCP-3300 was developed without CPU/DRAM/FLASH memory by installing PTT software in an EC25 module, so that the company could develop small-sized devices, lower power-consumption than its competitors, as well as better prices.

The JCP-3300 adopts the magnetic contact wireless charging method to provide convenience of wireless charging and charging efficiency such as wired chargers.

In particular, it is equipped with HD voice to provide excellent sound quality as mobile phones.

The typical PTT servers are not efficient for multi-point calls because they were developed using 1:1 phone call based SIP protocol; but JCORE’s PTT server was developed by minimizing transactions based on conference calls, so service response time is fast and performance is excellent during multi-point group calls.

Existing TRS radios are evolving into a mobile PTT service.

JCORE exhibited its mobile PTT service at Hannover Messe 2022 to launch the mobile PTT global market, and is preparing to launch the Vietnamese market in corporation with KOTRA. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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