Air Sterilizer

[INQ. NO. 2208E16] Air-Fit air sterilizer is installed in houses, offices, libraries, hospitals, schools etc., where people have ordinary lives.

As the CE certification guarantees, the product, as “an air sterilizer for multi-use facilities,” is able to eliminate not only harmful air and dust in the air, but also various organic substances such as harmful gases, bacterial aerosols, and viruses.

To enhance the sterilization effect of TiO2 photo catalysis, Nano-coating and heat-treating technologies (transferred from the Korea Photonics Technology Institute) have been applied to this product. To maximize the UV LED sterilization effect, light reflectors have been used for this product.

Air Sterilizer Air-Fit increases the sterilization effect through photo catalysis
One outstanding feature of the product is that it has secured technology to increase the sterilization effect through photo catalysis, even in the generally visible light area.

Thanks to the transfer of TiO2 coating core technology from Korea Photonics Technology Institute, it is made possible to use the photo catalysis permanently without having it peeled off.

Being equipped with four-layered filters (copper ion antibacterial filter, free filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter [H13]), it is able to remove germs, viruses, big-sized dust, floating substances, harmful gases, lifestyle bad smells, fine dust, and even ultra-fine dust (0.3µm).

Thanks to the outstanding performance and design, this product improves the indoor atmosphere, and fits in well with any spaces.

Air-Fit30 and Air-Fit50 stand-type models are easy to move around indoors as they are equipped with moving casters at the bottom. Disinfected air is emitted in all directions from the upper side of the sterilizer through the gap between the cap of the air-discharging part, and the air-discharging guide. And thanks to the four-directional air circulation system, clean air can be supplied to every corner of the space where it is installed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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