Dental Anesthetic Injector

[INQ. NO. 2208E18] Under the technology slogan, ‘Advance into the global medical market beyond Korea,’ Medihub actively pursuing its business goals with a commitment to developing innovative new medical technology.

The company is specializing in R&D and manufacturing of automatic injectors, expanding the market through the development of automatic injectors for dentistry, medical, and veterinary care.

Medihub aims to provide greater convenience to patients and doctors with its range of innovative and user-friendly products.

Computer-assisted dental anesthetic injector (i-JECT ST)
With its button-type operation, i-JECT ST gives a doctor convenient control of lidocaine quantity and injection speed. Also, i-JECT can reduce a doctor’s chances of developing carpel tunnel syndrome by providing motor powered injection.

Skilled professionals can select manual mode and change injection speed manually. Skilled professionals can administer 1.8ml lidocaine ampoule within one minute and with less pain.

Medical accident prevention: Through the auto aspiration function, i-JECT ST can prevent possible medical accidents by ‘lidocaine shock,’ which can occur when the lidocaine is inserted into the blood vessel.

With the newly introduced contra ampoule cap, an operator can easily approach the molar tooth and nerve block area without bending a needle. It can prevent serious accidents caused by needle breaks inside the mouth tissue of a patient.

With a 3.6V 400mAh lithium-ion battery, a fully charged battery can administer up to 25 1.8ml lidocaine ampoules.

Pain relief solution
Based on PCGT (Pain Control Golden Time) 10 seconds algorithm, a steady and accurate amount of injection causes patients less pain than a conventional manual syringe.

Ergonomic design
It has a very similar grip compared to a conventional manual syringe, and the gun-type grip offers added convenience. Lightweight and wireless features offer ease of use and comfort in anesthesia treatment. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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