Kitchen & Pet Appliances

[INQ. NO. 2208E14] CUCKOO Electronics Co., Ltd. has been the most beloved rice cooker brand for the past 23 consecutive years in Korea. At present, CUCKOO is expanding product lineups in various fields to include induction range, air fryer, other small kitchen & home cafe appliances and pet appliances.

Rice Cooker
Korea’s No.1 rice cooker brand, CUCKOO, has pioneered the ‘Dual-motion valve’ & ‘Twin Pressure’ technology to bring out the best taste in consideration of various customers’ differing ages and life styles.
It allows user to cook with two modes: Ultra-High Pressure & High Heat Non Pressure, all in just one device. With CUCKOO, users can cook over 60 recipes according to various customers’ ages, lifestyles, tastes and culinary characteristics.

Induction Range
CUCKOO launched the ‘3-Induction Chef Stick Induction Range’ equipped with a probe-type thermometer named ‘Chef Stick’.

The ‘Overflow Prevention’ is a function that helps create safe and clean cooking environments using the Chef Stick to automatically lower heat once contents start to boil.

With the ‘Cooking Temperature Setting’ function, cooking has never been easier as the Chef Stick finely sensing the temperature of ingredients and adjusts power.

Pet Appliances – Pet Dryer
Nello (CUCKOO’s pet brand) introduced the ‘Pet Air Shower & Dry Room’ which was developed in consideration of the characteristics of pets based on the advice of pet trainers and vetrinarians.

A daily ‘Air Shower’ and quick dry helps maintain health and hygiene of the pets. ‘Twin Fan’ creates 4D winds to quickly & thoroughly dry the fur after bathing. ‘Air Shower’ removes dust and contaminants from the fur with soothing gusts of wind.

The Kennel-type body makes perfect pet house with ‘Sleep mode’ that controls temperature warm & cool.

It equipped various functions like ‘Aromatheraphy’ and ‘Training mode’, also easy to clean with simple disassembly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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