Touch-free Sparkling Water Purifier

[INQ. NO. 2208E12] RUHENS WHP-3100 is one of the most advanced global water purifiers with various technologies such as contactless dispensing, sparkling water, direct chilling, direct heating system, etc.

First of all, Wonbong Co., Ltd. considered hygienic matters with its direct chilling, direct heating, UV LED sterilization system and contactless dispensing technology. Direct chilling and directing heating mean no need to clean or manage tanks due to their structures, and avoiding the pollutants outside. Also, the UV LED system sterilizes the tap for 10 minutes in every hour. Furthermore, the touch-free dispensing technology keeps your hands away from contamination.

Next, Wonbong also considered convenient things together such as an ER filter, and two height options for the extraction. In the case of the ER filtration system, Wonbong has developed ER (Easy Replace) filtration, which allows easy replacement of the filters without any additional tools or equipment.

Also, as can be seen, WHP-3100 has two kinds of dispensing height options for hot and cold (or ambient or sparkling). Hot is 197mm and this is useful to use for coffee cups or baby bottles. Cold is 280mm and this is convenient to use as a sports bottle with high capacity.

Sparkling Water Purifier with Energy-saving ECO system, Sparkling Water Option and Newly Designed Hot Tank
Finally, Wonbong considered high-technology aspects such as its energy-saving ECO system, sparkling water option, and newly designed hot tank with high performance. The energy-saving ECO sensor can stop water heating and chilling automatically to save electricity when it notices that illuminance around the unit darkens at night. The sparkling water option serves carbonated water combining the integrated CO2 cylinder with water from the cold tank. The newly designed hot tank provides more than 20 cups of hot water at 90 degrees C or higher by utilizing water boiler technology in its hot tank. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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