Micro Ducts


[INQ. NO. 2209E09] Since its establishment in 2002, KNET Co. Ltd. has been developing PE pipe products ranging from telecommunications, to running water, and marine structures.

Originally a simple supplier of high-quality piping products, KNET has shifted its business focus and now provides total solutions including a complete engineering service and training to guarantee customer satisfaction.

This is enabled by continuous investment in state-of-the art product manufacturing technology, skilled and knowledgeable manpower, and reputable global references. KNET continues its emphasis on building customer relationships and providing the most competitive solutions.

Basically, the micro duct is a bundle of small diameter ducts that accommodates fiber or cables for telecommunication purposes. It has several distinctive benefits compared to conventional cabling in enabling optical network investment, construction and maintenance, such as speed of installation, higher fiber count in smaller spaces, minimal risk of damaging fibers, and ease of repair.

Various kinds of micro ducts
KNET provides various kinds of micro ducts that meet the needs of every application including direct burying, pulling into ducts, aerial and indoor installation.

The micro duct, a simple but powerful solution for the construction of optical infrastructure, is being installed globally as the best approach in broadband service provision.

KNET expanded its overseas business with the launch of the micro duct communication tube business in 2003, and is currently exporting to more than 70 countries.

More and more operators, cities and governments are utilizing the micro duct system for their networks. Accordingly, KNET’s efforts are not limited to the manufacturing of high-quality micro duct products, but rather aimed at providing total solutions that customers need.

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