Access Control/Time & Attendance Device

[INQ. NO. 2210E09] AJ2&J2C has been producing irisrecognition systems by developing its own optical parts (camera modules, IR-LED) that decide the iris recognition performance and price by over 70% in the market for more than 25 years.

Since AJ2&J2C’s high-resolution irisrecognition device can capture iris images no matter how dim outside lighting is, it boasts a high recognition rate and convenient accessibility. In addition, the self-developed IR-LED emits a high quantity of light with a low current, increasing the price competitiveness.

As a groundbreaking access control/time & attendance device in the biometric market, this incredible performance and amazingly priced device identifies the user’s face and iris at a book-readable distance.
AJ2&J2C’s device brand is “Megrez.” Megrez corresponds to the part connecting the mouth and handle of the ladle of the Big Dipper.

Megrez can use its own 5MP camera module and highstrength IR-LED module to capture the iris in high resolution, without being sensitive to ambient light. Megrez can be used outdoors with sunlight and can recognize the iris of a person wearing glasses.

The security level can be enhanced by combining facial recognition and iris recognition.

The president of the company explained “You can experience an incredibly outstanding iris-recognition device . We’ve named the product ‘Megrez’ for the mysterious iris to guide us like the Big Dipper in the universe.”

The president added, “Recently, the contactless digital ID market is growing. We authenticate ourselves through PCs & smartphones. We are exposed to a personal information leakage environment, so AJ2&J2C is seeking to be a leader in reducing personal information leakage by applying iris recognition solutions to digital ID gates.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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