Germ Sterilizers

[INQ. NO. 2210E12] Since the relocation of its HQ and the establishment of a factory in 2015, DAESUNG ELEC Co., Ltd. has continued to manufacture PCB products and LED lights. The company has also developed its own character LED mood light models to supply to Lotte Mart and is working hard to expand, develop and produce the family of UV-C LED sterilizers through its own brand of UVECO.

EV-1 UV sterilizer (UV-C LED Sterilizer), a new product of UVECO which is a new brand launched by DAESUNG ELEC, safely protects users from pathogens (COVID-19, colon bacillus, salmonella, etc.) that are highly infectious when operating and touching elevators, kiosks, and so forth. It can also relieve anxiety thanks to its visual feeling of safety. For business owners who install this sterilizer, it can reduce financial losses as it protects customers from being infected, and can thus be used as a marketing tool to attract more customers.

As the size of the sterilizer is cut out after measuring the length and area of a contact surface and considering the interior, it is able to install the device close to the surface that is to be sanitized.

The sterilizer works with a number of touch-based machines such as elevators, ordering kiosk screens, unmanned checkout monitors, keypads, etc. And the product comes in various polished colors (gold, silver and black) and designs to fit in well with various external environments.

By carrying out a self-test on the sterilization and commissioning, an authorized testing organization to test the performance, EV-1 UV sterilizer has proven itself regarding its sterilization performance (99.9% of viruses and colon bacillus were killed within 30 seconds and 90 seconds respectively) and the safety (0.01 mJ/cm2 when UV-rays are emitted at a height of 10mm).

The product features the world’s only design structure and optimal irradiation angle that enable it to sterilize germs in the immediate vicinity of the target surface. And relevant patent applications and registrations have all been completed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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