Three-D Desk Dual Smart Workstation

Enabling smart hybrid work between home and work
[INQ. NO. 2210E25] The ways we work before and after COVID-19 have changed a lot. As hybrid work, telecommuting, remote work, and non-face-to-face work have become commonplace, Three-D Desk’s smart workstations, which pursues innovation in the work environment, are drawing attention.

Among them, the most popular entry-level product lineup, the Dual Smart Workstation, is introduced.

Containing the core of Three-D desk
Containing the structural engineering advantages of Three-D desk, it is the world’s only ergonomic workstation consisting of a 3-plane horizontal desk-incline, angleadjusting, desk-monitor desk and with its dual monitor, it is a suitable model for use in general office work, working from home, and Soho offices.

Dual Smart Workstation boasts the unique ergonomic structure of Three-D desk and an optimal work environment by adding dual monitors, various IT devices and smart functions.

It is a model that contains just the core of Three-D desk, allowing maximum work efficiency and space utilization within the limited space of the office.

The dual monitor is connected to a retractable and rotatable monitor arm, so you can adjust the position of the monitor as needed. In addition, this model allows you to replace the preinstalled monitor to a monitor with the size of your choice.

Optimized for the office
The W-D270, D271 models combine the workstation and upper bookshelf (shelf) into one and are economically suitable for setting up in independent spaces in Soho offices or home offices.

The W-LD1800 model is designed with free space above the monitor and is suitable for large offices and executive rooms.

The W-LWD1800 model has the same shape and composition as the W-LD1800, but it is made of walnut wood to create a luxurious and dignified atmosphere.

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