Yield-Predicting, Auto-Cultivation Smart Farm System (MaaS UI 1.0)


[INQ. NO. 2210E27] Thanks to the AI-Saas platform, this solution offers a cultivation logic that is able to predict a yield and provide automatic cultivation, which is made possible thanks to the monitoring system, the yield prediction, and the actuator cultivation logic. Through the entire process, it can provide standard service regarding crop cultivation.

MaaS UI’s automatic cultivation platform is made up of an actuator controller used to control environmental data within a greenhouse, a cultivation logic used to analyze crop activities for yield prediction and a standard model used to predict a yield and control the environment.

In addition, the platform is connected with LTE Internet router-gateway-sensor nodes- actuator nodes — all of which can be installed within a greenhouse, to operate a converged smart farm system.

It provides a cultivation logic solution, together with another solution that suggests the best selling prices for each region by monitoring prices set at joint markets and other distribution markets in real time.

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