Noise Barrier

[INQ. NO. 2211E25] IDEL Co. a company that manufactures extruded plastic sheets such as polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, and PS. It also processes light guide panels and diffuser plates for the display and lighting industry. Through continuous R&D, 15 patent registrations and 14 patent applications are in progress.

Diffuse-reflection noise barrier
The company developed PMMA M/B recipe and mixed processing technology for anti-glare protection. The sheet has a micro-bead finish on the surface of the ENTREX PMMA skin layer for diffuse reflection. After developing diffuse-reflection particle distribution technology, the company developed a production process for two-layer diffuse-reflection type panels. It developed surfacing technology and functional bead application technology to maximize diffuse reflection.

Superb long-term weather-resistant noise barrier
IDEL also developed PC M/B production technology to enhance weather resistance. Optical transparency and weather resistance remain stable optical features even under extended exposure to direct sunlight. The developed hybrid coating distribution technology aims to block UV and to enhance its anti-scratch feature.

Penetration into a transparent panel minimizes complaints caused by light pollution and infringement of privacy in residential areas. The company developed a weather resistant-enhanced multi-layer PC panel manufacturing process.

Anti-bird strike noise barrier
This noise barrier complies with the 5cmx10cm regulations for bird strike prevention imposed by Korea’s Ministry of Environment.

The transparent anti-bird strike noise barrier maintains a sense of openness and visibility. Reflective linear patterns are applied during the noise barrier production process. There is only a minimal increase in the production cost compared to other existing noise barriers. The design applied to the noise barrier allows semi-permanent use. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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