Anti-corrosion Pipe Solution Device

[INQ. NO. 2211E26] IOREX Co., Ltd. is a company that deals with the conservation of water and old-pipes management.

In 1995, work began on developing an economical and eco-friendly 21st-century pipe solution device.

Consumers have started to question the quality of the water they drink and the pipes through which it flows to their tap.

Globally, water pipes, and drinking and waste water infrastructures have been increasingly under the spotlight in recent years. There is thus an urgent need for upgrading systems or replacing pipes.

After several years of research, IOREX was finally released. Since its launch, IOREX Co., Ltd. has devoted its utmost efforts to research and development and innovation in techniques in order to become a world-class company.

IOREX is an innovative water- and pipe-treatment device that utilizes the flow of water to actually clean and maintain water pipes, rather than corrode them. This allows building and property owners, organizations, and municipal water management bodies to stop wasting fiscal resources on maintenance, controversial chemical treatments, descaling, pipe lining or pipe replacement.

The only total pipe solution
IOREX is the only total pipe solution that prevents and removes rust, scale, bio-film, and slime build-up.
It prevents and removes existing rust, scale, and slime in any type of pipe system, and can be installed on any size pipe (from 1/2” to 36”).

It sterilizes water by breaking down the cell walls of bacteria (including Legionella bacteria) and therefore makes water safer.

It keeps water pipes clean, drastically increasing efficiency & extending pipe lifespan.

IOREX can be installed within just hours, requiring no lengthy installation process.

Its further merits include no requirements for any maintenance, filters, or chemicals; self-operating, energy-neutral system; no requirements for periodic replacement; effective for at least 25 years; and no requirements for any corrosion inhibitors whatsoever. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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