High-power Cordless Power Tools


[INQ. NO. 2211E27] Keyang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is firmly rooted as a company specializing in manufacturing electric tools, based on technical prowess and experience built up over the past 40 years.

In addition, the company has expanded its business into the motor vehicles sector, raising its status as a business partner of Hyundai, Kia, and other globally recognized automakers.

Driver Drills
DD20BLH-100E has a capability of 13mm in steel, and of 80mm in wood. Weighing 2.1kg, its dimensions are 192 x 63.5 x 213.5 (mm).

It has a 1,000W powerful brushless motor. Electric clutch (14 + drill) and robust full metal 13mm chuck for best durability (with Lock bit function) allows convenient operation.

This model has such noticeable features as 100 N.m in max for heavy duty, overheating protection, kick-back control, high-sensitive switch for precise control, ergonomic diamond patterned grip, and high-intensity LED.

DD20BLA-70C has a capability of 13mm in steel and of 40mm in wood. Weighing 1.8kg, it has a size of 181 x 62 x 250 (mm). It has enhanced brushless motor, convenient clutch (16 + drill), and robust full metal 13mm chuck. It ensures 70 N.m in max for multi-applications. It allows comfortable grip. Motor cooling design and high-intensity LED are also points that differentiate it from those of competitors.

DD18BL-W has a capability of 13mm in steel and of 36mm in wood. Weighing 1.5kg, it has a size of 182 × 62 × 250 (mm). It has efficient BLDC motor, convenient clutch (16 + drill), and 13mm solid chuck. It ensures up to 55 N.m, and it allows soft and non-slip grip.

Currently, Keyang Electric Machinery manufactures various kinds of power tool products such as driver/hammer drills, grinders, paddle grinders, pneumatic hammer drills, and cut saws.

Based on its technologies converged with machinery, electricity and software, Keyang Electric Machinery is planning to grow into a global mechatronics manufacturer that wins the hearts of users around the world by transforming the actual needs in the field into commercialized products.

“As we have so far received a lot of loyal support from our customers, we will further work hard to continuously satisfy our customers. By studying and analyzing the market and our customers and preparing for the future, we will create quality requested by our customers and new value for them,”explained the CEO of the company.

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