Heat-reflective Insulation


[INQ. NO. 2211E28] After its founding in 2007, Choungwoo Industry Co., Ltd. launched its own brand ‘SuperRon’ under the motto of “New Technology of Insulators,” and has since grown into a company specializing in manufacturing commercial insulators for buildings, including heat-reflective insulators, quasi-nonflammable insulators, apartment sound insulation materials, etc.

Choungwoo Industry also manufactures eco-friendly home insulation materials such as insulation wallpaper, and foam blocks.

Effective in reducing air-conditioning and heating costs
The company’s heat-reflective insulation is made of an aluminum (AL) layer that blocks radiant heat up to 97% and polyethylene (PE) foam to maximize the heat-insulating performance.

The aluminum foil layer of this product is effective in reducing cooling and heating costs by blocking radiant heat in summer and preventing heat-loss arising from indoors thanks to its low emissivity in winter. As this product is equipped with a moisture-proof layer of PE foam, it is able to prevent the deterioration of insulation performance caused by moisture absorption.

As it is installed in a single process, labor costs and construction time are reduced. Possible damages arising from the handling process are minimized as it is made of soft materials. It is also easy to cut and transport so that the insulation product is hardly damaged when proceeding with the finishing process.

This product can be used for roofs, outer walls, inner walls, floors, greenhouses, etc.

It is available in specifications of 5T, 6T, 10T, 13T, 20T, 30T, 40T, 50T, and 60T, and can be made adhesive for easier construction.

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