The Most Advanced Access Control Solution

[INQ. NO. 2211E29] Suprema Inc., which is a company that has the world’s best biometrics source technology, is taking the lead in innovating the access security market with its own AI algorithm-based access control, time and attendance management, mobile access solution.

BioStation 3 is a next-generation access control solution developed by Suprema that has built up technologies related to access authentication for more than 20 years.

In the post-COVID-19 era, BioStation 3 is able to handle 100% contactless access authentication. It has enhanced convenience for users by providing various options such as facial recognition, mobile access Please delete. QR and barcode, RFID card, etc. In addition, even as it is compact sized, similar to a smartphone, it can be easily installed in any types of doors from small-sized offices to enterprises.

BioStation 3 boasts top-notch facial recognition access authentication performance
BioStation 3 is equipped with an AI processor of NPU (Neural Processing Unit), providing top-notch facial recognition access authentication in the same sector. It provides accurate authentication even when encountering changes caused by masks, hairstyles, hats, glasses, etc., in various types and colors.

In order to protect users’ privacy, BioStation 3 has acquired ISO/IEC 27001, an international standard information protection certification — and complies with GDPR, a strict European privacy protection regulation. Moreover, ‘Face Template on Mobile,’ which is the industry’s first access authentication method, allows a user to store his/her face authentication data in his/her personal mobile phone, rather than in his/her company’s database.

BioStation 3 supports VoIP intercom and RTSP-based video monitoring, making it possible to efficiently communicate with visitors anytime and anywhere, and control their access. A very strong security system can be established thanks to the integrated management that connects and controls each and every door. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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