Oxide Nano Powder


[INQ. NO. 2211E23] Quanta Materials Co., Ltd., as a startup that carries out R&D based on the technology of manufacturing nano powder materials, and it is developing, producing and selling powder materials.

Oxide Nano Powder Used for Displays and Power Semiconductors
Quanta Materials has commercialized gallium oxide, indium oxide, and tin oxide powder used for oxide TFT for displays and power semiconductors. Based on continuous R&D, it is planning to grow into a globally innovative company in the field of cutting-edge materials.

Main products manufactured by the company include tin oxide (SnO₂), indium oxide (In₂O₃), and gallium oxide (Ga₂O₃) nano powders, which are the main materials used for ITO and IGZO targets that are also used as materials for TCO coatings and oxide TFT onto displays.

Quanta Materials has competitiveness in terms of quality, cost, and productivity as it uses a vapor-phase synthesis method that is differentiated from other existing rivals’ wet method.

The powder produced by utilizing the vapor-phase synthesis method is outstanding in the crystalline property compared with other products made by rivals, having quality competitiveness in terms of low-agglomeration, ultra-fineness, and high-purity. Unlike the existing wet method that requires costs for establishing expensive facilities, using strong acidic and alkaline materials, and handling waste materials, it has cost-competitiveness of more than 15% compared with existing products.

In addition, Quanta Materials is not only trying to find new markets for nano powder materials, but also expanding its businesses into technology and knowledge service areas. By doing so, it aims to provide total services regarding materials, technologies, production facilities, etc., needed to manufacture high-quality targets.

In the future, Quanta Materials is planning to grow into an innovative company specializing in producing cutting-edge materials by diversifying its businesses into power semiconductors, secondary batteries, and sensors, all of which are applied with nano powder technologies.

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