Pressure Transmitters for Semiconductors

[INQ. NO. 2211E13] Since its establishment in 1965, WISE Control Inc. has guaranteed production of some of the world’s best-quality products utilizing Korea’s leading technology and complete quality control and inspection systems during its 54 years in the industrial measuring instrument business.

In addition, through 100% localization, the company promises to respond quickly and deliver according to customers’ needs.

The company has acquired some of the best technology in the world by securing the best research personnel in each field. Through 100 domestic and foreign dealerships, the company responds without delay to customers’ needs.

Through full application of the quality system, the company is committed to producing, managing, and even finishing the best raw materials and the best products.

PT850 series are specially designed for the ultra-high purity gas distribution system used in the semiconductor, electronic, medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The transmitter has a water-resistant, stainless steel housing for complete protection from harsh environments.

The transmitter offers convenience and easy installation with the full capabilities of a highly accurate 4~20 mA 2-wire system design. The stainless steel surfaces make it compatible with a wide variety of gases and liquids, and can be protected from harsh environments.

It is extremely versatile and suitable for measuring dynamic or static pressure. The transmitters are available as absolute and relative pressure types. The pressure to be measured acts through a corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316L diaphragm with piezo-resistive sensors that are connected into a Wheatstone bridge. The PT850 series pressure transmitter is electrically temperature compensated.

The transmitters enable high sensitivity by applying silicon-based high-sensitivity MEMS piezo-resistive sensors. Since it has enough output by small deformation of diaphragms, it has excellent durability and precision (0.25%) and ensures accuracy. In addition, the size of the product is smaller than the existing competitor’s (Ø24 x 81.2 mm) so the installation site is less constrained.

The portable field adjuster makes zero-point adjustments convenient in the field.

The transmitters are built by glass attaching MEMS-type piezo-resistive sensor chips to the point where distortion (stress) occurs in the stainless diaphragms and have excellent electro-polish quality for strong durability in the hydrogen atmosphere. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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