Endoscopic Equipment



[INQ. NO. 2303E07] M.I.ONE was founded in 2014 as a professional development company for the construction of optical equipment and systems.
In recent years, M.I.ONE has specialized in optical instrument-related business areas such as optical precision assembly machines, full HD camera-related equipment and solutions, stereoscopic optical solutions, and vision systems for medical endoscopes.
M.I.ONE’s CW-2000, which was unveiled at KIMES 2023, is endoscopic equipment that wirelessly monitors and transmits full HD medical images using a high-frequency 60KHZ to help medical staff perform prompt and accurate treatment. Once charged through a charger, CW-2000 can be used with a battery for up to four hours, and supplies six types of scopes to suit the purpose of treatment. With the release of wireless endoscopic equipment, a solution has been found for the inconvenience of existing wired-endoscopic equipment in moving.
Currently, this product has been installed in many local hospitals through distributors in each region of Korea, and will be expanded to East Asian and Eurasian regions showing high interest.
“Our top priority is to increase customer satisfaction and achieve this through outstanding customer support and high-quality products. Currently, we are entering the global market through an extensive distribution network in more than 40 countries overseas. All of this was achieved by a team of seasoned executives with many years of experience in the industry and an outstanding working team. We will do our best to create mutually beneficial partnerships with our valued customers,” a company spokesperson explained.


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