Spinal Correction Equipment



[INQ. NO. 2303E06] SHIN-HWA Medical Co.,Ltd. began manufacturing medical equipment in 2003, and is now exporting its
products to more than 20 countries, including the world’s leading spine-specialist centers.
In the domestic market, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a
leader in domestic non-surgical spine-treatment devices, with more than 500 units used in famous university hospitals, spine centers and Oriental clinics, including Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.
Designed to treat patients according to the location and type of
painful disc
Spine MT K series is equipped with various functions and is designed to treat patients according to the location and type of painful disc. Through feedback between the device and the patient, it can be controlled faster than the human body’s nerve response, minimizing

muscle tension during treatment, creating strong negative pressure between the spinal spaces, but enabling comfortable and soft treatment.
It is also the only equipment in the world that can correct and treat twisted and distorted spine in three dimensions. Spine MT was born after a long period of research and development by a domestic medical engineering team on an existing decompression therapy device developed for the first time in the United States — conceived from the phenomenon in which astronauts witnessed reduced back pain due to an increase in disc height in zero gravity during spaceflight at NASA in the United States. SHIN-HWA Medical is making every effort to develop various new products that combine advanced technologies of the 4th industrial era, and plans to release general-purpose products that can be used not only in hospitals, but also at home to treat, and prevent spine-related diseases and muscle pain.


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