Energy ICT Convergence Platform

[INQ. NO. 2304E09] SmartWatcher® is an energy ICT convergence platform used for solar PV generation monitoring systems and energy management systems.
It is used to monitor electric-energy generation and consumption status when installed inside and outside of houses or buildings.
As the platform is able to collect, analyze, store and send data
by using a dedicated gateway unit and process data with remote servers, it is easy to establish and maintain the system in line
with the onsite status of a power plant.

SmartWatcher® is an intelligent energy management system that allows efficient energy use, optimizes energy generation and consumption, reduces electricity costs and handles failures or emergency situations.
SmartWatcher® supports web-based real-time monitoring service. As a platform that provides mobile-based monitoring service, the product can be used via Android phones and iPhone terminals. In addition, it is equipped with an energy monitoring gateway unit.

Hymatics Inc. — as an energy IoT solution developer with expertise built up over 11 years in establishing integrated IoT systems for solar PV power plants — is well aware of how it
should combine embedded solutions and IoT to provide commercial services.
Hymatics’s expertise includes the development of servers, IoT devices, firmware, embedded software
for wireless connectivity and applications used for 3G, LTE, and 5G communications

Since its establishment as an M2M solution technology developer in Seoul in 2007, Hymatics has been
so far providing monitoring services for commercial new renewable energy by controlling remote
monitoring systems.
Hymatics is providing solutions for apartment-management companies, solar-power installation
companies, homeowners and building-management companies for them to save and generate energy,
and deal with failures.
The CEO of the company, Hyeong-seob Yoon, said, “We have recently acquired U.S. trademark
registration as a specialized energy brand, and registered an American patent.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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