Kitchen & Pet Appliances


[INQ. NO. 2304E06] CUCKOO Electronics Co., Ltd. has been the most popular rice cooker brand for the past 24 consecutive years in Korea. At present, CUCKOO is expanding its product lineups in various fields to include induction ranges, air fryers, other small kitchen & home cafe appliances, and pet appliances.
CUCKOO is continuously focusing more efforts on diversifying its product lineup to meet the various needs of global markets.
To match the characteristics of each market, CUCKOO fine-tuned its technology according to local tastes. Taking into consideration the preferences of local consumers, CUCKOO continues to develop products that are equipped with customized functions, while maintaining excellence in design.

Rice cookers
Korea’s No.1 rice cooker brand, CUCKOO, has pioneered the ‘Dual-motion valve’ & ‘Twin Pressure’ technology and is continuously investing in CUCKOO’s ‘Smart Algorithm’ — a feature that brings out the best flavors in consideration of various customers’ ages and lifestyles.

Induction ranges
CUCKOO presents premium quality induction ranges with an accumulated experience of over 41 years induction-heating control. Triple sensors detect the cookware and control the temperature more
accurately, while the Wide-Flex Zone allows the use of various sizes of cookware. CUCKOO’s multi-layered safety functions ensure the protection of users at all times.
Pet appliances
CUCKOO introduced the ‘Pet Air Shower & Dry Room’. Developed with the consideration and help of animal behavior data, and pet trainer experts, the Nello Pet Air Shower & Dry Room provide a comfortable environment for your beloved pet. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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