Healthcare Device

Radar Sensor for Sleep Care
[INQ. NO. 2305E14] Wellune is a cutting-edge radar sensor designed for sleep care that detects sleep patterns and provides a daily score on sleep
quality and health indicators based on breathing data. Utilizing 60GHz technology from Bitsensing, Wellune eliminates the need for uncomfortable wearable devices, thereby ensuring a contact-free experience and preserving privacy without the use of cameras.

Its radar technology accurately detects biometric signals, identifying events such as falls or sleep apnea. It functions efficiently in dark or humid environments and delivers stable performance regardless of clothing or blankets. By installing the device around the user’s regular sleeping area, Wellune offers a more convenient alternative to traditional sleep studies, which typically require sleeping in a different location and attaching multiple wires

Wellune’s sleep measurement is based on highly accurate polysomnography data, allowing even sensitive sleepers to obtain reliable sleep data and receive appropriate sleep care.
BITSENSING, established in 2018 by automotive radar experts, is the first company in South Korea to apply automotive-grade radar technology to various industries. With solid expertise in industrial applications, BITSENSING aims to provide integrated solutions and establish new standards for a wide range of fields, including smart wellness, smart homes, and smart cities. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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