Healthcare Devices

Intestine Exercise Acupressure Care
[INQ. NO. 2305E24] In a world where the elderly population is rapidly growing and the demand for nursing and rehabilitation services is high, SHEAN Co., Ltd. has developed a groundbreaking solution for those suff ering from constipation due to limited mobility or various other causes. Introducing the “Abdominal Acupressure Massager,” a device that helps improve bowel movement and promote intestinal health.
The manual technique of abdominal massage for constipation relief can be diffi cult to learn and apply uniformly, as it requires finding the correct acupressure points and applying the right pressure.

Intestine Exercise Acupressure Care produced by SHEAN addresses these challenges by targeting specifi c acupressure points in the abdomen and applying consistent pressure.
This unique product combines traditional Chinese medicine acupressure therapy with natural intestinal movement, providing eff ective relief from constipation, enhancing intestinal immunity, and improving overall quality of life. The massager can adjust its pressure intensity according to the user’s abdominal condition and utilizes various acupressure rods, simulating the manual treatment provided by a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.
Having obtained global certifi cations such as FCC, CE, and PSE, the Abdominal Acupressure Massager is now being exported worldwide as a global healthcare solution. In 2023, SHEAN is expanding its product line by introducing the “Whole Body Joint Hot Pack Massage.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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