3D Printer Solution

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1809E09] Whoborn Inc.’s 3D printer solution is capable of responding to the use of convergent materials. This solution calculates physical information such as weight and the hardness and temperature of normal nonconductors (e.g., ABC, PLA, resin, and others), conductors (e.g., carbon and metal), and biomaterials, and prints out the results under automated control.
This solution is worthy to be called the most ideal automated design and control solution for 3-D printers in the “fourth industrial revolution” era.
Whoborn has expanded its technical capacity by developing and supplying exclusive software for large 3-D carbon printers. This solution has various applicable areas. This convergence technology enables design and printing for various areas such as sensors, medical equipment, ships/automobiles, drones, PCB, and 3DP S/W for the prototype manufacturing of products such as IoT.

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