Aqua air cleaner by electrostastic technology

[INQ. NO. 1412E13] ZiHOM is an air purifier manufacturer in Korea that has been focusing its research solely on air purification techniques ever since its establishment in 2003. Endless R&D, thorough product testing, together with passion to seek the best, led ZiHOM to the world’s first invention of aqua air cleaner.

Aqua-air-cleaner-by-electrostastic-technology Using water and semi-permanent eco-filter to collect various pollutants and wash them, ACE (Aqua Air Cleaner by Electrostastic) is a new technology in the world. AirMaster ACE-30 as an air purifier and humidifier does not need maintenance expenses to change filter and there is no filter garbage.

Based on its technology, it won the Gold Medal in Air Purification Technology at the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, held in Palexpo Convention Center.

To increase customer’s satisfaction, AirMaster ACE-30 features to be faithful to the restrained design and implementation. Neat and simple design is modern and luxurious, great for home decorating. Designed for easy operation with simple directions, eco-friendly AirMaster ACE-30 delivers clean air to all over the house, maintainning unmagnified naturalness. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods