Air Purifiers[INQ. NO. 1908E09] VOVO Corporation was the first in the world to apply Hinoki wooden filter made of untreated wood which is different from regular air purifiers. You can feel the pleasant and clear air of the forest in your home. It applied HEPA 13, which is the strongest filter capability so removes 99.9% of fine dust. Also, it uses EGI steel so it can be used permanently.
VOVO received the “Design Award 2017” in Germany. In particular, it has a patent in enema function, which is its specialty. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Air purifiers

[INQ. NO. 1512E23] PASECO is a specialized company in heating electronics and built-in electronics for kitchen. PASECO’s kerosene heater is a global No.1 product with 35% of world market share, and PASECO has recently introduced warm current purifier, air purifier, and electric pan heater. Built-in electronics for kitchen
are also selling well in domestic B2B and B2C markets. Built-in clothes manager, gas cook top, rice refrigerator and dishrag and cutting board sterilizer are some of products that PASECO has invented for the first time in the world.
KERONA radial kerosene heater is PASECO’s bestseller especially in the Middle East. Due to a huge daily temperature range and areas where electricity is not readily provided, PASECO’s kerosene heaters are used and have been recognized for their excellence in stability and durability. Air purifiers, which have been released just recently, filter hair of pets, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and various toxic substances through triple filter system and finally generate anion from the anion generator. Warm current purifiers are very useful in wintertime when ventilation is difficult with warm current generating function added. Electric pan heater is a product to be released in 2016 with PASECO’s accumulated technical knowhow over 40 years. It is a heating electronic with new concept that is to hit the electric heater market with momentum carried from the world’s M/S No.1 in kerosene heater. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods