Camping Satellite Auto Tracking Antenna

[INQ. NO. 2207E11] This is an all-in-one smart satellite antenna that allows the user to control the antenna using a mobile app, and many users can watch broadcasts through their smartphones. It can be used for camping trips and enjoying leisure activities, because it can be easily carried.

This product provides a multi-casting screen sharing function that allows users to watch free satellite broadcasting without a set-top box and TV monitor. It is a utility camping entertainment satellite antenna compatible with any set-top box.

Even a non-expert can easily and quickly install the antenna by him/herself in the outdoors to watch a satellite broadcast anywhere in the world.

Portable Camping Smart Satellite Antenna
This is a portable camping smart satellite antenna system that can automatically track the broadcasting satellites of the world with GPS navigation equipment using a privately owned mobile app interface communication.

The antenna can be controlled, and allow many persons to watch the satellite broadcast using their smartphones.

Pop-up Roof Mount Auto Tracking Smart Satellite Antenna
This pop-up roof mount auto tracking smart satellite antenna system can be installed in camping and leisure vehicles; it can automatically and accurately track the satellite located above the equator; the antenna can be controlled and the multi-casting broadcast screen shared by linking to a mobile app regardless of the location and bearings of the parked vehicle.

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