POS & Kiosk Hardware

  • High-performance POS and Kiosk hardware with Intel 11th-generation Tiger Lake and Elkhart Lake
  • High-definition POS and Kiosk hardware with full-HD display

[INQ. NO. 2207E07] A Korean global hardware manufacturing company, POSBANK recently announced that it will launch APEXA FH, followed by APEXA EL and APEXA TL, as parts of its APEXA signature series, and enter the global market.

The new APEXA EL and APEXA TL were displayed at NRF 2022 and EuroCIS 2022, becoming additions to APEXA’s signature series following the existing basic product lineups, APEXA G and APEXA PRIME. The APEXA EL and TL series are APEXA’s upgraded products, developed to meet the needs of consumers. The latest high-performance CPUs were applied by enhancing the performance of existing products, and they were developed in various display sizes. APEXA is optimized for user environments in various retail, restaurant, and franchise industries.

Customization service in progress
POSBANK is providing OEM·ODM POS / kiosk development and manufacturing services that meet customer and project requirements reflecting the competence of the leading POS and kiosk brand manufacturers.

POSBANK teams identify the needs of various customers, review the items, create an optimized standard, design a project based on these standards, perform an overall evaluation of installation and expansion to meet the requirements, and provide the best products.

This year, POSBANK plans to expand its business clients to include airports and government offices as well as the global retail and hospitality markets by diversifying its product lineup and services. The company currently has more than 120 customers in 80 countries and will continue to develop products that meet their needs in the future to provide higher satisfaction.

POSBANK is a Korean hardware manufacturer specializing in manufacturing POS and kiosks since 2003. It has a global network of B2B partners targeting the restaurant business, retail, and self-service, and is recording 100 billion won in sales as of 2021 through steady sales growth since its establishment.

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