Wireless presenters

[INQ. NO. 1502E15] Various types of wireless presenter models made by Chois Technology are now gaining high reputations among global users. XPS200 model (X-point pulse clip) was designed with the features enough to fully seize the attention of potential users.

Wireless-presenters https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry It supports laser pointing by using an exclusive app for smartphones (iPhone & Galaxy Phone). It can be used as a fashion item as a high-class “Appcessary.” It turns your smartphone into a full function presenter and remote mouse controller.

Support of operating status on indicator light for safety (Patent No. 10-1081896) is available. The compatible app is X-pointer Lite (Available of download at App Store, Play Store for free). Only weighing 4g, this fashionable clip consumes less than 20 mA. Manufactured with 7.7 x 41mm, this product features a high slim design.

Wireless-presenters_1 XPS300 is a portable laser pointer and stylus pen with a simple design. It is a rechargeable laser pointer using a USB cable. It is an electrostatic stylus pen made with aluminum. It features perfect compatibility with the X-pointer App (Compatible App is X-pointer Lite). For safety, a laser indicator is supported. The luxury aluminum body design adds to its appearance value.

Taking around two hours for charging, XPS300 guarantees at least six hours of using time. With the size of Ø9.4 x 149mm, it only weighs 20g. Less than 20 mA of current consumption is also a major factor in the customers’ choice for the product. The laser color (wavelength) is red (650nm).

Chois Technology’s XSC200 is a smart multimedia remote controller and is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. It gives a beauty of ergonomic compact design. It is available to turn over e-book pages on a smart device. It is usable with a basic and various camera apps (e.g., camera 360 & candy camera, etc.).

It is possible to send text messages without turning off the Bluetooth. It is highly preferred for presentations (page up/down & black screen). Operating range for the product reaches 20m at the max. Weighing only 6g,

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