Elivision: A leading company of Korea’s DID industry

Elivision: A leading company of Korea’s DID industry

[INQ. NO. 1409M15] Elivision is now fully ready to meet any requirement from the global market with its recently released, innovative DID solutions.

Ever since its founding in 2004, Elivision has been actively developing and producing various new models of advanced digital display equipment. Elivision executes all processes required in the production of DID equipment, ranging from R&D and design, to production, installation, and maintenance, while supplying one-stop services from contents manufacturing to managing software.

Elivision https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Amid the rapidly growing market for digital signage – considered to be the so-called “fourth-generation media” following TV, the Internet, and mobiles – no proper standards for the quality testing of DID products existed in the nation. Elivision has thus been operating an advanced institute owned by the company in order to overcome such negative situations nationwide while winning awards including “Hi-tech Awards.” By introducing quality maintenance system through acquiring a certification of ISO-9001, Elivision attempted to elevate the quality competitiveness,” said the company president An Deukgeun on the question over points he especially wanted to utter about growth history of the company.

Thanks to ceaseless technology development and investment, Elivision has been enjoying roughly 15 percent of annual sales growth over the past three years and it has set a target of attaining more than 30 percent of total sales for this year.

In particular, Elivision has developed a new concept of DID system called “Kiosk” that automatically adjusts the height for the social weak including the disabled and children. For this, it has succeeded in winning patents both at home and internationally. Thus, Elivision is receiving keen attention from the global market including the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. Now this solution is being installed in some university libraries nationwide, the National Assembly, and even it performs a great role for the patients in regional hospitals to relieve their inconvenience.

Elivision_1 In addition to Kiosk, which also provides further benefits by offering operators significant savings in costs and space, compared to the competitors’ models, thus allowing the user to take considerable managerial control, Elivision, by using its existing auto height adjusting technology, added new DID , the called “Auto Height Adjusting Drive Through ATM’ for the application of tollgates, by which drivers could enjoy much convenience and safety as the ATM, automatically adjusts its height to the best position (sensors detect the height of the approaching vehicle and the controller automatically adjusts the height of the tolling touch screen) for each no matter which vehicle you are in and so drivers do not need to get out of their cars.

Elivision has made big efforts for pioneering the matched promising abroad markets and is thus now exporting to 12nations (including the United States, UK, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, Colombia, the UAE, and Kazakhstan).

In response to a question about what basic factors exist leading the company’s growth, he reacted optimistically by saying he believes that certain key factors all responsible for the company’s steady current steady growth. First, Elivision is a pure, real manufacturer. Second, it is aggressively operating a system, with which it can swiftly and suitably respond to any demanding requirements of clients by providing customized solutions. Third, Elivision can maintain consistent manufacturing quality and reasonable price competitiveness. Finally, the company has a rich and proud tradition and record of performance and experience in construction over the years.

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