100kg Payload Mobile Robots


[INQ. NO. 2012E18] TWINNY Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in autonomous driving technology.
TWINNY leads the autonomous mobile robot service industry with its outstanding technology in various fields such as warehouses, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, apartments, etc.
The company was founded in 2015 by twin brothers Youngseok Cheon and Hongseok Cheon.
Hongseok Cheon is an expert in autonomous mobile robots who received his Ph.D. from KAIST for research in the same area. TWINNY has about 70 employees, of whom about 50 are engineers.

More than 30% of employees graduated from KAIST with master’s or doctoral degrees.
With its expertise based on M.As and Ph.Ds from KAIST, TWINNY has developed NarGo100, autonomous mobile robots, and TarGo100, a target-following robot.
NarGo100, 100kg payload autonomous mobile robot, could support efficient delivery of various items without additional infrastructure such as QR codes, Beacon or UWB. Safety is guaranteed using a laser distance measurement sensor, and ultrasonic wave sensor.
Design of automatic charging station and loading space can be customized with competitive price. Control and working status monitoring are available via a web-based central control system and tablet application.
TarGo100, 100kg target following robot follows a user. Once a user presses the ‘start’ button, it starts following the user. It never fails to follow the user in complex setting as it recognizes surroundings with a 2D LiDAR and RGBD camera. It does not get confused even between twin brothers wearing the same clothes. Target tracking does not require any additional device.
The user can flexibly respond to frequent work process changes in warehouses or manufacturing facility. And deployment of the robot is quick and easy.
Time to free up your hands! Let the robots do the delivery, and plan your time efficiently.

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