Barrier-Free Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2205E12] Saemmul Information and Communication Co., Ltd. provides Eoulim barrier-free solution to bridge the accessibility gap against the information underprivileged – based upon its experiences related to IoT technology and ICT technology.
Eoullim barrier-free solution is not a special product or service for the disabled, but a standard solution that everyone can use without discrimination. The Eoullim applications connect all hardware, such as kiosks and beacon bells, to the integrated control solution.

Eoullim barrier-free Kiosk presents standards for the elderly, including those with visual or hearing disabilities, and those who are in the wheelchair, to conveniently use the automation devices.
Eoullim Beacon Bell operates without power. Thus, it can be easily attached anywhere without any cumbersome installation work to provide customized services in conjunction with mobile applications.
Lastly, the integrated control solution enables services such as sign language relay services, remote support services, and disaster response operations through integrated data monitoring.

Eoullim barrier-free solution can also be compatible with the existing products from other companies through technology alliances and cooperation.
Saemmul Information and Communication can develop both products and contents that customers need by conducting on-site demand surveys and product/service planning – based on its R&D technology and experience.
Eoullim barrier-free solution is an intelligent system that considers accessibility, which can connect everyone without discrimination using existing systems. It is an integrated solution that can lead to the ‘smart city’ of the future. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods