Office Supplies & Small Appliances

Air Purifier (POUT NOSE1)

POUT NOSE1 is composed of the H13-level super-precise HEPA filter that can purify ultrafine dust (0.25 micron) smaller than fine dust by about 99.75% and a carbon filter featuring high-performance deodorizing efficiency of 95% which eliminates ozone, formaldehyde and dioxine.
In spite of its mini size, this air purifier has 576,000 liters of air circulation capacity per day and, due to its low noise level of 28 ~ 35dB, is suitable for students’ study rooms and noise-sensitive baby rooms.
Above all, the appeal of NOSE1 consists in simple design and convenient operation method using a USB power cable and button.
This product is the only mini air purifier with a rotating function (automatic rotation of 38 degrees) and has excellent portability. It allows one to directly receive clean air in every space where you spend your day, such as study room, kitchen, etc.


Mouse Pad + Wireless Charging Function (POUT HANDS3)

POUT HANDS3 is a concept product adding a wireless charging function to the mouse pad that is essential on the desk. This product eliminates the need to use a wireless charger and a mouse pad separately. Also, as it is equipped with a protection circuit of convenient usability, you can charge your electronic devices effectively and safely.
Though it is a product of which both functions are used simultaneously, it does not miss the original functionality and design of the mouse pad, thus enhancing the user’s desk space efficiency and completeness of the desk interior.
In addition, by supporting various inputs, HANDS3 can be connected to the USB port of the adapter, notebook PC, and auxiliary battery, etc. Besides smartphones, any device supporting wireless charging (Qi standard) can be used.


Bidirectional Design Multi-tab (PALLO TAP PLUS)

PALLO TAP PLUS is Korea’s first bidirectional design multi-tap with the outlet added to the plug part. It was developed as a concept product to improve the inconvenience of the existing multi-tap.
TPE material was used for the bottom surface to prevent slipperiness. In addition, this product can prevent electric shock accidents by attaching the earth terminal on the side, and it has excellent durability by using flame retardant resin that is strongly resistant to fire and heat. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods