Bio-signal Measuring DeviceéBé NB-TM1 from Changeui Tech Co., Ltd. is a bio-signal measuring device and an IT-medical convergence system that enables its users to monitor infants’ health condition in real time using a mobile application. By att aching the device to a diaper or garment, a user can collect infants’ integrated health information such as body temperature, abdominal breathing movement, sleep positions and indoor environment temperature and humidity to use it to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
NearBéBé NB-TM1 is a piece of low-power radio equipment using BLE (Bluetooth low energy), designed to notify parents or babysitt ers with an alarm signal when a device-wearing infant is in a dangerous state. The activating conditions for the alarm can be set by a user to match individual needs for diff erent body temperature, abdominal breathing movement and sleeping positions.
The NearBéBé NB-TM1 product package includes a charging cradle and a mobile application as well as a bio-signal measuring device. The compact size of the device, which is 4.3cm in diameter and 1.5cm in height, ensures high portability for its users. The charging cradle with the size of 5*6.5*2cm is designed to encase the device with a lid to protect it from possible damage from external impact. NearBeBe was born to contribute to the healthy growth of our precious children with the mott o of “Protecting the precious value of life.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods